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Beaded necklace

Beaded necklace

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Unleash your adventurous side with our handcrafted beaded necklace. The colourful mix of textures, featuring semi-precious gemstone nuggets, glass, ceramic, crystal, acrylic, and rocaille beads, creates a modern and confident re-interpretation of the traditional beaded necklace. Upgrade now to your new bold and daring beaded necklace!

This orange-yellow-purple beaded necklace is just pure upbeat, happy vibes. It would be amazing layered with simpler chain necklaces, and whether it's a white t-shirt or a pullover, this necklace will be a quick and easy introduction of colour that will upgrade your outfit. 

The two necklaces available are slightly different but feature mostly the same mix of beads within the colour scheme. This sounds like advertorial speak, but each one of them is one of its kind: I feel too uninspired to repeat a design, and with each new beaded necklace I string up, I am compelled by the textures and colours of the beads to try new combinations. So, if you like one of them, don't wait. If it's gone, it's gone forever.

Here's an idea: remember friendship bracelets? Why not get both and gift one to your bestie?

Necklace I measures, when lain flat, 49cm from end to end and features a golden and slightly larger lobster claw which comes without an extender chain (unlike photo).

Necklace II measures, when lain flat, 48.5cm from end to end and features a golden lobster claw which comes without an extender chain.


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