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Woven art: “Second Chance”, 2021, 39cm x 35cm

Woven art: “Second Chance”, 2021, 39cm x 35cm

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“Second Chance”, 2021, 39cm wide by 35cm long

Blue, lilac, and denim weave with a lot of texture and pom-poms, on a brass rod.

Materials: wool, recycled cotton cords and jersey yarn, brass rod


Why “Second Chance”? This weave began in a completely different format. I wanted to use canvas stretcher bars to make a frame loom, within which I would weave a very textured and chunky tapestry. It was my sarcastic, frustrated response to how fibre art is deemed as a domestic hobby while anything painted on a canvas enjoyed an elevated status as finer art. I thought: well, then I will stick frivolous pompoms in a canvas frame and call it art. Frivolous pom-poms, you ask? Pompoms are clearly frivolous, so why the need for that redundant adjective? Because I take pom-poms to new frivolous heights. Mine are filled with yarns of different colours, thicknesses, and unexpected texture. Wool, recycled jersey yarn, fine cotton yarn, roving, threads, denim strips, tape yarn; I pack in all the fibre oddities. They are multicoloured, multi-textured, and multi-fun. In this weave, there are also the beginnings of my “interactive fibre elements”. I am obstinate that fibre art is not meant to be looked at, but rather, touched. So, I wanted to include elements that could be interactive, moved around, tucked away, pulled to the side. The slim white braided cords are this concept manifested. And thus it stayed for months. Alas, if you are visiting my Etsy shop because you know me from Instagram, you will know I can’t leave anything as it is for too long. So it was, that I got irritated by the stretcher bars, and decided to give this weave a new lease of life, by transferring it onto a brass rod, and adding a crocheted hem with cotton cords made from recycled denim. This weave measures 39cm (15.5 inches) wide and 35cm (13.9 inches) long.



This is a unique piece of art. I have never repeated a design, and I will not reproduce this design either.

It is ready to ship, and comes with the rod/dowel pictured. All you need is a nail that is long enough to hold the dowel.

Please keep in mind that the photos were taken indoor, with a warm white ceiling bulb as illumination. Depending on where you decide to hang the work, you might find the hues just slightly warmer or cooler.

This piece is a unique statement that invites conversations about textures and colour palettes. It is my desire and artistic vision that it opens dialogues about waste and recycling.

This is a small/medium artwork, and is what your white wall needs. (No, it doesn’t need more black and white Scandinavian minimalist prints). Hang it above your bed, in your entryway, the side of your stairway, in the living room as part of a photo gallery, above the sofa, in your reading nook…


Fibre artworks come without nails, hooks, or screws. Please arrange for the appropriate method depending on your wall material. Most of my pieces are about 300 to 500 grams heavy.

For fibre artworks that are hung on a metal rod or wooden dowel, it might look curled, crinkled, wrinkled, or crumpled after you unpack. This is because of the packing and the transit. After you hang it up, check for any tangles, and untangle by hand. Pompoms can be reshaped with a few squeezes. Use a steamer to straighter the fibres, or use a wide-toothed comb. Avoid fine-toothed combs or detangling combs. After hanging, the fibres will relax and regain their original appearance.


Dust the artwork regularly. A simple shake will do the job. Do not wash or vacuum clean. Be careful not to pull with force. Fibre artworks with an elaborate and long fringe are not suitable for households with curious cats or grubby children’s hands, or for locations with strong sunlight or a draft. A more detailed care guide is included in the package.

PACKAGING — As you might have noticed, recycling is big on my agenda. I use recycled cartons and boxes, and only paper to package your orders. Do take care when cutting open the packages 

GIFT — If you intend to gift the artwork, do drop me an email at to let me know what to write in the gift card.

SHIPPING — Why I need your phone number: for all international customers outside of Germany, I have to provide an email address and a phone number to the courier, so that they can contact you if needed. I respect your privacy and do not save your email address or phone number; the number is only for the dispatching courier.

QUESTIONS AND REQUESTS — Please contact me via email at

CUSTOMS   Any custom fees that might be incurred are the buyer's responsibility. My customers have not had to pay customs yet because these are handmade pieces.

REFUNDS AND EXCHANGES — Please contact me via email at within 24 hours of placing your order for a refund or exchange. Once shipped, I cannot refund or exchange. Under European law, you have 14 days to return a product. But you must bear the return shipping costs yourself.

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