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Crochet colourful granny square tote

Crochet colourful granny square tote

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This one-of-a-kind tote bag was entirely crocheted by hand using recycled textile tape yarn in fun and contrasting colours, in the granny square look. The tote bag is two-looks-in-one: the granny squares on either side are different in their colour combinations. 

Lain flat, the tote bag body measures 29cm wide, and 32cm tall. If the tote bag is completely filled, the tote bag body could accommodate up to 15cm in depth, as crocheted fabrics are amenable to stretch.

The straps measure 30cm from the top of the shoulder to the tote bag body, and 62cm to the bottom of the tote bag. When carried, you can expect the bag to be about 60cm  from the bottom of the purse to the top of your shoulder, depending on how full the bag is, and how heavy the contents are. In the photos where the bag is carried, the bag contained a phone, a wallet, and 3 notebooks, sunglasses in their case, and a can of deodorant. It looks long in the photo because the contents have been inserted in a "standing" position.

As you can see on the photos, there are "holes" in the pattern of the crocheted fabric, and these are large enough to accommodate a finger. Since this purse comes without a lining, I would recommend keeping smaller valuables (such as lip balm, pens, earrings) in a pouch when using this tote bag. Alternatively, you can use this bag with one of those many standard cotton tote bags -- just cut off their straps first. 

While crochet purses have a summer feel about them, I think this bag would be perfect pop of colour therapy in the colder days as we all start to wear dark-coloured coats and boots. You won't even have to worry about matching the colour of your bag to your shoes, since this bag is just screaming: I am a personality of my own! There is only one of this, so don't hesitate. Use the chat function to get in touch if you have any questions!

FUN AND LOUD — Here in my studio, there is no neutral or classic: it is always statement jewellery. You might not think this is your style, but you are wrong, especially if you tend to wear basic outfits. A pop of colour will jazz up your outfit and change the vibe instantly. If I haven’t convinced you, then this  is a great gift option for your fabulous girlfriend who knows who she is. 

GIFT OPTIONS — If you decide to get these for your fabulous girlfriend, drop me an email hi(at) with your order number to let me know what to write in the gift card. I will include a small handwritten card with your message in the package.

SHIPPING — This necklace will be packed without plastic in a cardboard box. I use Deutsche Post in Germany, and DHL with climate-neutral offset for all other international orders. 

CONNECT — Follow me on Instagram @zoetanstudio.

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