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Pendant dangle earrings KIT

Pendant dangle earrings KIT

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Transform your style with our pendant dangle earrings KIT! These lightweight, eye-catching earrings are the perfect way to add a daring burst of color and fun to any basic outfit. Made from malleable polymer clay, they are a bold choice for those who love to take risks and make a statement. 

MATERIAL: Polymer clay, which unlike clay, is oven-cured at low temperatures, is light, and not brittle. All the earrings are mounted with surgical stainless steel earposts which are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive lobes. 

The yellow-blue dangles feature a steel bugle bead, a howlite bead, and lemon yellow seed beads. The pink-grey dangles feature the same, but a rose quartz bead.

The lime-green and ecru-green dangles feature a golden chain.

MEASUREMENT: 7cm long, 2.5cm wide. 

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