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Teardrop chandelier earrings PIA in yellow

Teardrop chandelier earrings PIA in yellow

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Put a sunny twist on any outfit with these PIA Teardrop Chandelier Earrings! The unique design means the earring drapes flatteringly along your jawline, and the striking yellow pop of colour will turn any boring basic into a statement accessory! 

These abstract earrings were entirely handcrafted from polymer clay, which is a lightweight material that can be oven-cured. Polymer clay is prized for its lightweight and durable nature. Despite the word "clay" in its name, these earrings are not going to require any gentle handling or break when dropped. And they are definitely nothing like the clunky ceramics you might think of. This gives them their edge over the usual large earrings: these are incredibly light and comfortable to wear. The larger earring weighs a mere 4.8g, and the smaller earring only 3.1g.

I carve each pleat on these earrings by hand, so the earrings aren't perfectly symmetrical but so beautifully handmade.

The earrings are mounted with nickel-free surgical stainless steel ear posts, which are considered hypoallergenic. I personally find big earrings with ear posts more comfortable to wear than the usual hooks. The ear posts are also mounted in an off-centre manner that makes the stud tilt at a 45 degree angle, to align with the natural line of your ear, towards your face. The three teardrop pendants thus hang in a staggered manner.

The earrings are available in two sizes. The smaller pair -- featured in the modelled photo -- measure 6.7cm long, and about 3cm wide when worn. The larger pair measure about 9cm long and 4cm wide when worn.

These earrings are also available in five other colours: blue, limemagenta, black, and watermelon

FUN AND LOUD — Here in my studio, there is no neutral or classic: it is always statement jewellery. You might not think this is your style, but you are wrong, especially if you tend to wear basic outfits. A pop of colour will jazz up your outfit and change the vibe instantly. If I haven’t convinced you, then this  is a great gift option for your fabulous girlfriend who knows who she is. 

GIFT OPTIONS — If you decide to get these for your fabulous girlfriend, drop me an email hi(at) with your order number to let me know what to write in the gift card. I will include a small handwritten card with your message in the package.

SHIPPING — This necklace will be packed without plastic in a cardboard box. I use Deutsche Post in Germany, and DHL with climate-neutral offset for all other international orders. 

CONNECT — Follow me on Instagram @zoetanstudio.

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