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REI petal earstuds

REI petal earstuds

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These statement ear studs have an uniquely sculptural aesthetic with its 3-dimensional pleated/folded texture.

Although these studs pack a real visual punch, they have a compact design that isn't fussy, because there are no dangling components that can snag.

These ear studs were lovingly hand-crafted from polymer clay, which is a very lightweight clay that can be cured in home ovens. The pleats were each individually crafted by hand -- no stencils or stamps here -- so no two ear studs are ever completely the same.

And as polymer clay is extremely lightweight, these are comfortable to wear all day. Each stud weighs a mere 2.8g. Maybe even everyday? In a different colour?

On the back of the studs are mounted hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel ear posts. All posts are sterilised with alcohol before shipping.

The earrings measure 3.5cm long and 2cm wide. The ear posts are mounted about 1.3cm off the top, so that the ear studs, when worn, don't sag or tilt downwards.

These 100% handmade ear studs are absolutely one of its kind, so don't hesitate!

You have just stumbled upon a unique, absolutely one-of-a-kind pair of earrings from Zoe Tan Studio. All the earrings are handcrafted by me, and in the case of a restocked design, there might be slight differences between the product photos and the pair in your hands.

Here in my studio, there is no neutral or classic: it is always statement jewellery. You might not think you suit this style, but you are wrong. Especially if you tend to wear basic outfits, a pair of these loud and colourful earrings will jazz up your outfit and change the vibe instantly. If I haven’t convinced you, then these earrings are a great gift option for your fabulous girlfriend who knows who she is.

All my earrings are handcrafted from polymer clay, which is a lightweight and malleable material. So even if these earrings throw a real visual punch, they are very light and gentle on your ear lobes.

The ear posts or ear wires are made from surgical stainless steel, which is deemed hypoallergenic. But they might not be suitable for the very sensitive ears. I might have titanium ear wires and ear posts in stock, so do get in touch and I can change the parts for you for a slight surcharge.

Store them in a clean and dry place, away from direct sunlight. As polymer clay is a polymer, it might interact with creams and perfumes. So be careful there. Avoid storing in places where the polymer clay can become scratched by coins, keys, or other metal-based jewellery.
You can clean the earrings by brushing dust away with a soft-bristled brush, or wiping with a damp cloth. Do not use chemicals. Do not use nail polish.

Let me know if your order is a gift and I can include a handwritten card. Drop me a message via hi(at) to let me know what to write in the gift card.
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