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Chandelier triangle earrings TRIX

Chandelier triangle earrings TRIX

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Upgrade your wardrobe with a cheerful splash of colour! The TRIX Chandelier Triangle Earrings come in awesome kaleidoscopic compositions of colours to mix things up with a bold statement. With large but lightweight earrings, you'll get a pop of colour and fun to any outfit – perfect for those gloomy days when you need a pick-me-up! Plus it's practically impossible to choose just one – go ahead and stock up!

These two pairs of earrings measure about 7cm long, and about 4cm at its widest, when worn.

The design is so very bold and loud but it isn't fussy, because the earposts are mounted on the back, and there are no small dangling components that can snag because the small triangle pendants are sturdy. 

These fun and bold chandelier earrings were lovingly and entirely hand-crafted from polymer clay, which is a very lightweight clay that can be cured in home ovens. Polymer clay is prized for its lightweight and durable nature. Despite the word "clay" in its name, these earrings are not going to require any gentle handling or break when dropped. And they are definitely nothing like the clunky ceramics you might think of. This gives them their edge over the usual large earrings: these are incredibly light and comfortable to wear. Each earring weighs around 4g. (The pink/lime/magenta earring weighs 4.3g.) So much visual punch, and so little burden on your earlobes; surely it doesn't get any better. 

The surface of these earrings isn't smooth but is rather textured like a very fine sponge. 

The earposts mounted on the back are hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel and suitable for most sensitive earlobes. All ear posts are sterilised with alcohol before shipping.

To the pink/lime/magenta/ivory earrings:

The position of the earposts on the back of the main stud is off the corner, and closer to the middle line of the triangle. This was so designed so that the triangle stud sits more like an inverted triangle, and so that the small triangle pendants hang higher on the outer side than the inner side. The idea was to have geometric forms that drape. If you are confused by this description, do look at the modelled photos, which illustrates this description

There's a pair for every soul. Go crazy with colours! #noneutralshere

The TRIX chandelier earrings are all made as one-offs, so there is only one of each colour combination. When choosing your pair from the drop-down menu, identify the colours of your desired pair. The displayed photo will change to reflect the selected pair. 

Looking for more colour combinations? Click on the search button (that is the magnifying loop icon on the top right corner of this webpage) and enter "trix earrings" or "colour blocking". 

Is this too much for you? More of a minimalist? Then what you need is the baby sister of the TRIX chandelier earrings: the TED earrings, which only feature 3 triangle clay pendants.

FUN AND LOUD — Here in my studio, there is no neutral or classic: it is always statement jewellery. You might not think this is your style, but you are wrong, especially if you tend to wear basic outfits. A pop of colour will jazz up your outfit and change the vibe instantly. If I haven’t convinced you, then this  is a great gift option for your fabulous girlfriend who knows who she is. 

GIFT OPTIONS — If you decide to get these for your fabulous girlfriend, drop me an email hi(at) with your order number to let me know what to write in the gift card. I will include a small handwritten card with your message in the package.

SHIPPING — This necklace will be packed without plastic in a cardboard box. I use Deutsche Post in Germany, and DHL with climate-neutral offset for all other international orders. 

CONNECT — Follow me on Instagram @zoetanstudio.


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